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Handyman Programs

• Apartment Buildings
• Office Buildings
• Commercial Buildings
• Shopping Malls
• Industrial Buildings
• Single-Family Houses
• Condominiums
• Multi-Family Houses
• Townhomes

W E  S E R V I C E:
• Apartment Buildings
• Office Buildings
• Commercial Buildings
• Malls and Industrial Buildings
• Single-Family Houses
• Condominiums
• Multi-Family Houses
• Town Homes

Servicing of all Inquires and Complaints
Quick response and resolution to all inquires and complaintsKeep a detailed record of all communication Deal with property city violations

Collection of all Fees and Rents
• Collection of rent from tenants or association fees from unit owners
• Collection of all coin-operated revenue
• Take action on all delinquent accounts

Maintenance, Repairs, and Improvements
• Coordination of all interior and exterior maintenance and repairs
• Plan and coordinate all capital improvements for the property
• Coordinate all landscape care, trash removal and clean common area
• Landscaping and debris removing services

Accounts Payable
• Coordinate getting bids, executing any agreements & contracts, issuing and purchase orders and paying invoices.

Reporting and Record Retention
• Monthly detail on ledger entries and income statement
• Annual reporting, structured for tax preparation

Professional Services
• Maintain account relationships with attorney, accountant, and insurance agent

Winterize Property
• Prepare the property for seasonal change- get it secured and boarded up.

• Advertise and show units, collect applications and screen applicants
• Execute lease and collect security deposit

Interservice Renovation

Property Management

Condo Inspection


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